May the Force Be With You - May's Issue of Design Your Future

  Here's May's issue of Design Your Future with a  strong focus on capturing the upcoming opportunities and reconnecting,  and how to invest more efficiently, waste less, reduce your taxes, and focus on your strengths.   Inside this issue you will find: A Better Way to Measure Success Listen to This Tax Deadline for Business Owners Can Capital Gains Push Me Into a Higher Tax Bracket? Would You be Happy if Your Investments were Flat YTD in 2022? Business Owner of the Month - Monika Jazyk Our Way of Saying Thanks Design Your Future - May 19, 2022   Can you feel that?   There's a change in the air!  Let's get out there and support our local business - especially the restaurants, pubs, and service industry who have been hit pretty darn hard over the last 2 years.   Want to save money, support local, AND help out local charities???   Get your  CRAVE passport  now... hope to see ya at one of the many fine establishments over the next couple of months!   Maybe there's a be

Can Capital Gains Push Me Into a Higher Tax Bracket?

Learn how capital gains are taxed and how to avoid paying more taxes than necessary when selling your assets. As an investor, you likely know that long-term capital gains (gains on assets such as stocks, bonds, shares in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as rental properties, cottages , and business assets, equipment held for over one year) are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income taxes. What you may not know is whether these gains will cause your wages, dividends, RRIF, LIFF, or pension withdrawals to be taxed at a higher rate. Will the capital gain actually make you keep less of your hard-earned money? Selling your high-performing stocks (congrats on buying Amazon in 1995!) or your cottage during COVID can reap significant profits, and those moments are worth celebrating. But while you’re enjoying the profits of your investments and impeccable timing, keep in mind that you’ll eventually have to pay tax on them. In Canada, most gains on capital assets are ta